Flowing Light Healing is a wonderful blend of Energy Healing and Angelic Reiki.

Holistic means the whole of you is treated, not only physical symptoms outwardly displayed. There is often an underlying emotional or soul level issue manifesting physically, which may be blocking your Chakras or energy centres. Flowing Light Healing aims to cleanse and harmonise your chakras, promoting balance between mind, body, soul, and spirit.

It is not necessary for you to hold religious or spiritual beliefs in order to receive healing.  All I ask is that you be open to accept and allow the healing  for your highest good in the moment.

Below is a brief explanation of the two modalities I merge as Flowing Light Healing and how they can benefit you.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is the transference of subtle natural energies from practitioner to recipient, through the laying on of hands, or distantly, through prayer and meditation.

Healing promotes the body’s natural ability and desire to heal itself. It can be beneficial in the reduction of pain caused by illness and injury.  It can also can bring considerable relief from stress, anxiety, and the symptoms of grief.

Healing is gentle, non-invasive and calming.  The intention is to restore well-being and balance through relaxation, and the releasing of tensions in mind, body, emotion, and spirit; thus, healing can be attained on all levels.

Crystals are often used to help clear blocakges in the chakras and magnify the healing energies.


Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki brings the same lovely calming qualities and balancing benefits as Energy Healing.   With Angelic Reiki you have the added joy of receiving Divine Angelic Healing, infused with Reiki symbols.  The Divine (God), the Archangels, angels and other beings of Light are here to support your well-being and guide you on your life's path.

Crystals are often used to help clear blocakges in the chakras and magnify the Angelic healing energies.

I use a reclining chair or couch as a visualisation tool during the video connection to help me know where to hover my hands and place crystals on the chakra points.




Angelic Reiki Multidimensional Healing and Cord Cutting

There are invisible healthy and unhealthy cords that connect each of us to people and events over many lifetimes.

As part of Angelic Reiki, Archangel Michael sometimes works through me to conduct Multidimensional or Past Life Healing with Cord Cutting.

Archangel Michael identifies and shows me past lives (or the past of this life) where you may have experienced trauma that negatively effects your current life, mostly on an unconscious level.

With his sword, Archangel Michael will cut the unhealthy cords and send them back with love and light. This makes way for pure and perfect healing to occur for you on all levels.


You can book a video call appointment through Messenger on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/julz.hallmann, via WhatsApp on 07422653513, or at flowinglighthealing@gmail.com.

A Flowing Light Healing appointment is upwards of an hour including consultation and mini Angel Card Reading. The actual treatment lasts around 20-30 minutes.


I do not ask a fee for my work, but operate on a voluntary basis.  The healing comes from God and his Divine helpers.  I am humbled to be able to act as a channel of this beautiful healing for the benefit of my community and the the planet.

If you can afford it and would like to contribute, donations will be gratefully received and put to worthy causes to support those most in need.

Thank you and bless you xx


Before connecting with you on the day, I prepare myself and my room by practicing meditation, lighting candles, setting up the chair or couch, selecting crystals and Angel Oracle cards. I also ask in prayer for a sacred healing space to be created energetically in both our homes.

Your appointment

Once connected online we will have a brief consultation, expanding on the reason you booked for Flowing Light Healing for record keeping.  The Angels know where to focus the healing energies for maximum benefit.

If I am inspired to work with crystals for you, I explain what they are, their qualities and how they can help you. If you have any crystals yourself, you might like to hold some during the treatment.

I give a mini Angel Oracle card reading before leading you into relaxation so you can be absorbing the love and guidance of the Angels through the cards as you experience the treatment, thus magnifying the power and beauty of your Angelic connection.

Relaxation and treatment

I'll ask you to make yourself comfortable whether you are sitting or lying down, then sound a singing bowl near my device signalling the beginning of relaxation and healing.

I will guide you through a short visualisation with breathing golden light.  Once you are totally relaxed, I silently say prayers to act as a channel of Divine Healing for you.

During the treatment you may feel: subtle temperature changes, tingling or a dreamy, floating sensation. You may experience a mild tenderness in an area or areas that are being focussed on. You may see colours, symbols, images or receive messages as thoughts that come to you. Or you may feel nothing at all, except a sense of deep relaxation.

These are all normal experiences. Whatever you receive is the perfect healing for you in the moment.


After treatment

As I sense the Angels and Light Beings drawing back, I thank them in my mind for the healing and blessings they have given and ask if they have any further messages for you. I ask that the healing is brought to a gentle close thanking them for protection and grounding. I softly sound the singing bowl around my device to signal it is time for your subconscious to begin gradually coming back to your surroundings. I ask you to take a couple of deep breaths, stretch, wriggle fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes, sitting up in your own time. It is a good idea to have a glass of water after healing to aid the grounding process.

We have a sharing chat to review your experience and any messages or thoughts that came to you during healing. I impart insights, messages, and guidance the Angels gave for you and do my best to interpret them in context of your situation, building on the messages in the mini reading.

I also share experience and knowledge gained on the Lotus Chakra Course which I completed last year, to help you deal with and begin to heal relationship issues that may be blocking your Chakras, contributing to dis-ease. The Lotus Chakra Course is a comprehensive 10-week course taking an in depth look at the physical, mental, and emotional characteristics of each of the 7 main Chakras. Here is the link to my instructor Sue Owen’s webpage on the course if your live in Hampshire or neighbouring counties and would be interested. http://www.angels-on-cloud-nine.co.uk/lotus-chakra-course.php

You are likely to have a restful night’s sleep following your Flowing Light Healing session and an increased sense of vitality.

We discuss further treatments, if needed or desired. Most people have complementary therapies at 3-6-month intervals or some only once in their life.

Flowing Light Healing looks forward to hearing from you soon and supporting you on your spiritual path in connecting with the Angels.

Thank you and bless you

Julz Hallmann