Julz Hallmann
PMDHA, Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner, Angelic Lightworker Master Practitioner

Hello. Welcome to Flowing Light Healing. My name is Julz Hallmann and I live near Winchester in Hampshire.

I have always been a sensitive, spiritual soul, with a strong belief in the before and afterlife. I am sure I have been here before and have had several powerful Deja vu experiences.

My introduction the New Age movement and crystals came when I was on holiday with my family in Somerset at the age of 14. We went to Cheddar Gorge and I fell in love with Rose Quartz and Amethyst. They remain my favourite crystals and I enjoy holding them whilst meditating and connecting with the Angels.

We visited Glastonbury and walked up the Tor. It was wonderful being on the ancient Isle of Avalon. I have always been into myth, magic and the tales of King Arthur and Merlin. I would love to visit the sacred places within Glastonbury such as Chalice Well and feel the wise loving energy of Merlin.

I love profound and spiritual song lyrics, books or films that make you think. One of my favourite quotes comes from the end of the Secret Garden starring Kate Maberly as Mary Lennox. As she walks away from the camera after swirling her hand in a pond, she says ‘If you look the right way, you will see that the whole world is a garden’.


My Journey

In 2010 I started attending a meditation group which enhanced my personal and spiritual development. I went on to complete a 2-year course to be an energy healer and gained a qualification accredited to the British Alliance of Healing Associations.

I discovered Angelic Reiki in August of 2016 and completed degrees 1 and 2 that year. I was attuned to Master Practitioner degree in July 2018. I attend Angelic Reiki Share group as often as I can to socialise with other practitioners and to give and receive Angelic Reiki.

I have a regular spiritual practice of meditation and sending distance healing to people, places and situations that may benefit from heavenly help.

I continue to study and learn, incorporating new methods of meditation and prayer into my daily spiritual practice and healing work. This is having a profoundly positive effect on my life and I hope, that of those I send healing to as well.


My certificates