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     About me and my healing journey

    Namaste.  My name is Julz (short for Julia) and I live near Winchester in Hampshire.  I have always been spiritual, believing in something higher and greater than myself and in the before and afterlife.   


    I get powerful feelings of dejavu in some places, even if I have never been there in this lifetime. This is how I know I have been here before.  I also believe in ghosts and spirit.  I have had experiences of being guided to help the souls of loved ones, including my Gran, go to the Light.  

    I began my spiritual journey back in 2008 when I started going to a meditation group at Valerie's house.  Thanks to Valerie, I became aware of energy healing.  In 2013 I started to train as a healer.  I studied for two years and passed a distance healer (works as well as being in-person healing and I visualise them on the couch or just sit in prayer and send positive healing vibes).  Here is information about the organisation I trained under: www.duchyhealers.org.uk

    In July 2016, I met Sue at my local spiritual development circle.  She was giving a talk on Angels and Angelic Reiki. Both the subject and Sue's energy drew me to her.  I have since completed Angelic Reiki first, second and Master Practitioner Degrees, plus other courses under her loving guidance and plan in the autumn of 2019 to do the 10 week Lotus Chakra course.  http://www.angels-on-cloud-nine.co.uk/lotus-chakra-course.php


    What is Angelic Reiki?

    Angelic Reiki is a beautiful complementary therapy during which a practitioner, requests to act as a channel for the Divine Healing of the Angelic Realm for the benefit of their recipient.  Angelic Reiki boosts our body’s natural desire and ability to heal by balancing mind, body, emotion and spirit and is therefore holistic.

    As a practitioner, I work with my Healing Angel (an angelic assistant who is unique to each healer), Archangels, Ascended Masters (i.e. Jesus, Buddha), other Beings of Light and the Divine or I AM Presence (God).  Please note; Though it helps if either the healer or recipient believes in a power higher and greater than ourselves, one doesn’t need to be spiritual or religious to give or receive healing.  It does, however, help to be open to receiving and channelling Divine Healing and the Angels’ unconditional love.

    I use Reiki symbols to enhance and power-up the healing sent through me (the channel) to my recipient.  I draw these with my dominant hand, over my recipient's crown chakra at the end of the session.



    I use an anti-gravity reclining chair for healing, but if you prefer, I also have a healing couch.  Please let me know in advance what would suit you best so I can prepare the room for your needs.


    What happens during a healing session?

    I gently tilt the chair back and invite you to close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths with me, let yourself completely relax and take your mind to somewhere peaceful. Meanwhile, I silently say a prayer to request that the Angels allow me to act as a channel of Divine Angelic Reiki healing for your benefit. 

    During a healing you may feel: subtle changes in temperature, tingling or a slight floating/dreaming sensation.  You may see shapes, colours, symbols or receive messages as thoughts that appear in your mind.  Or you may feel nothing except deeply relaxed.  You may even fall asleep.  All these sensations are totally normal and what you need to experience at this time.  As a healer, I feel strong tingling/pulsing in my hands and can feel hot or cold. I receive messages accompanied by a soft ringing sound in my left ear.  Giving healing is very relaxing and, as a channel, I receive healing too.

    I sometimes get guided to practice multidimensional/past life healing.  I work with Archangel Michael to heal issues in the past of this current life or past lives before, to help you overcome things you are struggling with now i.e. phobias or relationship issues.  This takes about 10 minutes and then I commence regular Angelic Reiki which takes around 20-30 minutes.

    When I feel the energies dispersing, I thank the Angels and Beings of Light for the healing and blessings they have given and ask them to bring forward any messages they have for you.  I request that the healing is brought to a close and thank Archangel Michael for his protection.  I then replace my hands on your shoulders, whispering to you to take two deep breaths, wriggle fingers and toes, have a stretch and gently bring your awareness back to the room.  I will have a glass of water ready and tissues if needed as some people get emotional, especially with past life healing.

    We will then have a chat where you can share what you felt during the session and I will, with the Angels' help, interpret their messages.  We can also discuss any further session needed.  Angelic Reiki is powerful and i advise that you take things gently for the next few days after a session.

    Be assured the Angels and Beings of Light cannot harm us or interfere with our free will and they only come in unconditional love.  I hope you enjoy your healing.



    Energy healing works on all levels and is holistic.  I use a healing couch and crystals when practising this modality (though I usually work distantly and there is no recipient in the room, having the couch set up helps me visualise them lying there and where the crystals need to go on the chakras). I work with many of the same Divine Energies as I do with Angelic Reiki i.e. Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light, but do not use the Reiki symbols.  I do, however, use a dowsing pendulum to clear and balance the chakras.



    On 3 March 2019, I attended the Duchy Healers AGM in Cornwall with my friends Valerie and Kevin Bruce-Smith who are on the Committee.  I was honoured to be presented with a surprise certificate and ID card for full membership as a Practising Duchy Healer (Energy Healer).  I am now qualified to give in-person healing sessions as well as working distantly!

    As with Angelic Reiki, I can use either a reclining chair or, most often, a healing couch.  With your prior permission, I may be inspired to place my hands lighttly on your shoulders, ankles and/or knees.  Otherwise I will hover my hands a short way from you.  I will use the same relaxation methods as with Angelic Reiki.


    In both types of healing, you will be fully dressed and only required to remove outer garments such as coats and shoes and glasses if you wear any.


    Be reassured the Angels and Beings of Light cannot harm us or interfere with our free will and they only come in unconditional love.  I hope you enjoy your healing.

    Love, Light and Angel Blessings

    Julz Hallmann

    Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner and Energy Healer

     Angelic Reiki
    Energy Healing
    My healing services and prices

    I ask an energy exchange of money for my time only.  The Divine Prescence, the Angels and other Beings of Light do the work.  I humbly ask to serve as a channel for their Divine healing, guidance and unconditional love for my recipients, both in person and distantly.

    Angelic Reiki Healing (contact/in person)

    £20 cash

    A contact healing session lasts for half an hour, including 10 minutes consultation.  I may be guided to give a multidemensional healing (past life healing).  This takes about 10-15 minutes, then I carry on with general healing which takes about 20 minutes.
    Energy Healing (contact/in person)
    £30 cash 
    A healing session takes an hour, including 10-15 minutes consultation time.  I may be inspired to use crystals to help balance the chakras.
    Distance Angelic Reiki or Energy Healing 
    Free or a small donation to WinACC.org.uk (suggested minimum of £10)

    A distance healing session can be 15-20 minutes and is as powerful and effective as contact healing.  I will give a consultation via email.  If you have requested healing, please state a time when you would be able to relax and be open to receive the healing.  I will email you with details of the healing session and any messages I got for you. 

    Please note: if I am guided to send healing with the Divine Presence, this is only for 10-15 minutes as it is very strong and I will need your permission to send it. I must request that you are able to be relaxed and receptive to healing at a certain time.  I must also advise that you do nothing for the rest of the day but relax and take things gently for the following few days after the healing as it is very powerful and promotes immediate and permenant healing, but can leave you feeling a little dreamy/floaty so you need to be well grounded.  This last bit of advice also applies when recieiving healing with the Divine Presence in a contact healing session (in person).

    For distance energy healing, just send me a message giving brief details, and I will add you or whoever you wish for healing to be sent, to my my distance healing list.  I sit in medidation and send healing for about half an hour most days.

    Angel Therapy (in person - Angelic Vacuming) 
    £15 cash 

    An Angelic Vacuming session is about 10-15 minutes.  I sit opposite you, ask you to place your hands in mine and close your eyes.  Out loud, I call in Archangels Michael and Raphael who will, in turn, come forward and clear all blocakges from your energy fields and chakras, working on any areas that need healing.  They then fill you with healing green light and surround you with a silver shield of protection.  I will explain as they work, what they are doing for you.  It is very peaceful and gentle. 

    Angel Oracle Card Readings (in person ) 
    £15 cash 

    I also give Angel Card readings.  I mainly use the 6 card layout, but also can give a 12 month forecast in clock formation, starting in the current month.  Please note: all information given in readings is for guidance only.  You have free will and the Angels will never interfere with this.

    WinACC (Winchester Action on Climate Change

    As well as being a healer, I am also passionate about environmental issues and have been involved in volunteering with a local charity WinACC (Winchester Action on Climate Change) for the last 7 years.  I ask for an exchange of energy for my healing work of £20 - £30 for contact healing.  I do not charge for distance healing but ask for donations to be sent to WinACC to support its vital work in lowering the carbon footprint of Winchester City and District. Please visit winacc.org.uk for information about their projects/open meetings and to donate. 

    Thank you.  Namaste.


    Distance Healing Requests


    I practice distance healing regularly.  I normally ask for the healing to go to my recipient's Higher Self whilst they are sleeping, but in cases where I work with the Divine Presence, I need the recipient's permission to send it and for them to be relaxed and open to receiving healing at a certain time for a period of 10 minutes and to not do anything for the rest of the day, as it is very powerful healing.

    You can of course request healing for yourself, others or animals (though please check with a vet before requesting as laws are strict when it comes to animals and complimentary therapies).  Similarly, please check with a midwife if you want healing while you or someone you are requesting healing for is expecting.

    Please specify if you want Duchy or Angelic Reiki and let me know a suitable time to send it when you or the person you are requesting for will be resting and open to recieving.  If they don't know you have requested it, I will send it to their Higher Self whilst they sleep so they will be more receptive to healing.

    Please give a brief descritpion of who needs healing and the situation.  All information is private and confidential and is only used for my record keeping for insurance purposes.  I will only share information with other trusted healers if I feel that more experience is needed to help you/others than what I possess.  This also applies to contact healing.